Bathroom Resurfacing

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Bathroom Renovation Sunshine CoastBathroom Makeover or Renovation - Renovate & Fix Baths, Showers, Tiles, Vanities & more

Giving your bathroom a make-over can be expensive. Often when renovating on the Sunshine Coast, when the wall tiles come off, the wall has to come off too. Not to mention the plumbing and carpentry to replace the vanity, bath and shower.

We offer a solution that is 75% less expensive and far more convenient.

Everything can be resurfaced from the wall tiles and vanity, to the basin, bath and shower tray.

When we resurface your tiles we cover the grout lines too, so no more mouldy grout to contend with.

Let us resurface your bath (cast iron, steel or fibreglass), shower linings, shower base, wet wall linings, vanities, hand basins and tiles.

Dirty and decaying grout lines between tiles are a real eye-sore in bathrooms. By resurfacing, we can create a continuous and clean surface - still with the tiled look, but no more trapped grime.

At the completion of the resurfacing we provide a Care and Maintenance sheet, which advises on how you look after and get the most out of your new surface.

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