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Bathroom Renovation Sunshine CoastBathroom Vanity Resurfacing

Giving your bathroom a make-over can be expensive.

The overall look of a space can be greatly improved by a beautiful bathroom vanity. While most homeowners take care to extend the life of their vanity, eventually a little elbow grease may not be enough to keep your vanity in good condition. It's time to hire the pros if your vanity is starting to look worn and dull.

With the bathroom vanity resurfacing services offered by Topcoat Kitchen & Bathroom Resurfacing, your bathroom vanity will resemble brand-new condition in a matter of hours! This may seem too good to be true, but we have years of expertise and have only become better with each project. We are professionals in this procedure.

We offer a solution that is 75% less expensive and far more convenient.

At the completion of the resurfacing we provide a Care and Maintenance sheet, which advises on how you look after and get the most out of your new surface.

Resurface Vanity Units

Depending on the size and style, bathroom vanities can be very expensive and difficult to replace. If you're thinking of getting a new bathroom vanity, you need to consider the steps involved in taking out the old one, shopping for one that will go with the other bathroom fixtures and decor, and installing the new vanity correctly so that it works as intended. It is far preferable to just restore the vanity that you already own rather to fret and stress over hiring several people to finish this procedure or trying to do it yourself.

We recognise the unseen beauty that lies beneath at Topcoat Kitchen & Bathroom Resurfacing. Although they may seem antiquated and worn on the exterior, all it takes is a professional touch to entirely change its state,  with a vanity makeover into transforming into a focal point & breathing new life into a older bathroom.

If you would like to completely transform the appearance of your bathroom vanity, Topcoat Kitchen & Bathroom Resurfacing is just a phone call away!

Call 0412068773, or contact us to request a quote!

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